Play with Colors
M6 features full HSI control to provide an extensive range of color options (0-360°full color). A clever combination of multiple colors will yield stunning visual effects.
Vivid Lighting Effects
There are as many as 13 special lighting effects in this tiny light. Speed and brightness can be adjusted to give you the most ideal effect.
13 Lighting Effects
Wide Range Adjustable Color Temperature
Adjust the color temperature from 2500K to 8000K and brightness from 0% to 100% as needed to get either tungsten or daylight.
Tiny but Smart
18mm in thickness, this model is much more lightweight than most of its competitors and thus won't add much burden to your kit. Tiny as it is, it can light up a scene in just a second.
Expand in Use
Featuring a bezel-less design and three cold shoe mounts, M6 can be connected to each other seamlessly for a brighter light source. In addition, M6 can be attached to a variety of equipment to fill the scene with enough light.
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